Wednesday, July 26, 2006

From & About Family in Lebanon

July 25, 2006
Chère cousine, nous survivons encore, A et H sont à Jezzine qui est écartée encore des bombardements et qui reçois des milliers de réfugies de Tyr et de Nabatieh. Moi je suis chez S pour pouvoir rejoindre mon travail, car les bombardements nous affolent à Achrafieh comme dans tout Beyrouth; en plus il y a une peur de ce que va être demain car rien n'est interdit au Israéliens qui sont capables de tout utiliser, des armes interdites dans toutes les guerres sans qu'ils ne soient jugés par le monde.
Toute la famille a bien jusqu'a nouvel ordre vu que ses événements ne durent pas longtemps parce que c'est le vrai holocauste qui règne au Liban. C'est révoltant de voir cette injustice qui règne dans ce monde.
Prions pour la Paix au Liban car nous ne pouvons plus supporter l'odeur de la mort et de la destruction et cette instabilité dans notre vie.
Je t'embrasse très fort et a bientôt "inchallah"

July 24, 2006
I spoke to G earlier this evening. They stay home most of the time now. Stores are open periodically. They can buy most things. He's going to work tomorrow but expects to be told to go home. Last Monday they told him to stay home for the week. He hears about the relatives in Jezzine; they claim they are safe. He sends his regards to all.

July 23, 2006
I spoke to Khalo today. He and the rest of the family are frustrated. Not much hope in the country that helped them get rid of Syria; now is helping another country get rid of them. Anyway, they all stay home so naturally the kids are very shaken. You know all this already. You lived it. I pray for Lebanon. It's like going to a funeral every day. We're numb and we're not even there. Inshallah we get peace back.

July 21, 2006
I finally slept at 2a.m. last night after reaching my friend J in Zouk and to K in Ain El Remmeneh.
J was getting ready to go to work, they have electricity, water, provision, stores still have food, and there's also benzene so far, so they're basically ok.
K says that it's back to the way it used to be in the 80's where the areas hit are destroyed and disabled while other areas are fine. In Ain El Remmeneh, in his building, 3 or 4 families stayed, the others left he said because the bombing sounds are loud in the nights. Mind you, his building got hit in every war, il y a de quoi quitter!

July 21, 2006
I did not live the war but I can understand and very much relate to how you feel. It is truly heart breaking to hear you and C, never mind to see all the images on TV. It's such a helpless waste. All we can do is pray for healing and pray for peace and keep taking care of ourselves. Please be careful.

July 20, 2006
Hey C, 3am fakkir fike ktir bi hal aw2et el 3asibe la lebnen.
I didn't get ur sms w I sent u some myself w l hay2a kamen ma woslo. Anyways, tell ur friends and everyone how unfair and cruel what is being done to lebanon is. They have destroyed everything; it's horrible raddouna chi 25 yrs la wara. Innocent babies are being killed, families old ppl are loosing everything and being thrown in the streets with nothing but God's mercy to keep them alive. Sometimes they warn ppl to leave their houses then they bomb them on their way out of the village. It’s awful and the least we can say is they are far more terrorist than hezbollah. we don't deserve that, we did nothing. if it is hezbollah they want to destroy why are they killing women, children, Lebanese soldiers in all regions from north to south and bombing everywhere?

We thank u all for praying for Lebanon.
I’ll try to keep in touch ta tammenkoun deyman

July 14, 2006 (I didn't hear back from her since)
J'etais malade pendant 15 jours, aujourd'hui guérie et je t'écris pour te dire que je vais bien, vivante encore, nous avons passé une nuit horrible, mais rien sur nos têtes directement, c'est un peu plus loin comme tu le sais.
Seulement pour ne pas t'inquiéter et pour te demander de prier pour nous car personnellement je suis seule et j'ai peur aussi, et les bombardements cette nuit m'ont fait vomir, je crois que j'en ai eu ma claque et que je suis saturée et je ne peux plus supporter.