Thursday, July 27, 2006


July 27, 2006: رئيس الوزراء الإسرائيلي إيهود أولمرت: إن أهداف الهجوم الإسرائيلي الذي استمر 17 يوما تم تحقيقها (
Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert says that the purpose of the 17-day Israeli attack on Lebanon is now fulfilled.

Now everything is clear! It is not about "Bringing home the soldiers, complete peace and quiet, removing Hezbollah from the area" (words of the PM of Israel himself). 17 days into this war, the soldiers are still not home, the region lost its peace and quiet, and Hezbollah is still going strong in the area, yet, the motives are fulfilled.

From the very beginning the purpose of this atrocious catastrophe has simply been to destroy Lebanon targeting its infrastructure; airport, ports, bridges, tunnels, cities, communication towers, and everything viable in the country, even polluting its seashore, the only decent neighbour we have. The goal has always been to establish a total blockade of the country, and to displace and kill as many Lebanese people as possible, innocent or not, maybe even a couple of UN peace workers. So the motives are fulfilled now, bringing Lebanon back to the misery and atrocity of war and destruction, raising the number of dead, injured and homeless, create a new generation of kids of war, and bringing down the already in the red economy…

Ehud Olmert, ya3tik alf 3efiyeh! Thank you for finally speaking the truth.