Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ShooFiMaFi For Lebanon

ShooFiMaFi.com raises $2,565 CDN and 2000€ to help Lebanon
posted: July 25, 2006

OTTAWA - ShooFiMaFi.com had a stock of wristbands/bracelets that were developed a few months ago, and were to be used as free give-away items at the Lebanese Expatriates Gathering in Beirut (July 28 - 30). However, given the situation in Lebanon, the event was postponed.

The bracelets are of the Lebanese flag colours (red/white/green), and they show a cedar engraving which seperates the words "ShooFiMaFi.com" (in English) and "shoofimafi" (in Arabic).

Half way across the globe, the 16th annual Lebanese Fun festival (July 19 - 23) was being held in Ottawa (Canada), defying the war in Lebanon, to make a statement about the strength of the Lebanese spirit and to benefit from the venue, in terms of donating part of the proceeds towards a Lebanon Relief Fund. So, your friends at the Ottawa Chapter of ShooFiMaFi.com came up with an idea! Why not sell our bracelets at the festival, and donate all the money, a 100% of the sales, to the Lebanese Red Cross, through the festival's Relief Fund? The answer was, why not!
Hence, we were able to sell 850 bracelets and collect $2,565 CDN. That's $2,565 for the Red Cross in Lebanon to buy medicine for the sick, provide water for the thirsty and mattresses to the homeless. It's that and much more,... so we would like to thank all those who have donated generously, be it Canadians of Lebanese origin, or not,...

GERMANY - Now that's another story, which is nonetheless as interesting. The ShooFiMaFi.com Coordinator in Germany had taken time off this summer to establish the "Lebanese Fan Restaurant", especially for the World Cup season, so he was able to donate 2000€ for the relief of the victims in the South of Lebanon.