Saturday, February 14, 2009

35 weeks

As I feel her movements in my tummy throughout the day, I know that this is the point of no return. In just a few weeks, I will no longer be responsible for myself alone. My social status, responsibilities and priorities are changing forever. I will be called mom35 weeks belly and will have someone to attend to, to care for and to love as much as there is love in me to give. Someone is coming to stay forever in my life and Karam’s.

This makes me feel so special and blessed, and at the same time scared to death. How will she be like? What will she look like? Will she like me and Karam? Will we be good parents to her? Will we know how to treat her the way she should to be treated? Will we give her enough love and attention, no matter what she does or says?

I see my belly sticking out, and I have images flashing in my mind of a baby learning to walk and trying to imitate what I say and do, or a little girl doing her homework or playing with her legos, or a young person asking permission to take the car to go out with her friends… It’s a long term relationship that will start in a few weeks with a crying baby so fragile and precious... and I only hope it will be a successful and loving journey.