Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Google at its best :)

[12:28] C0C0: shou el ghada?
[12:28] MMMMMMMMM: bazella w rizz
[12:28] C0C0: yumm, betmarre2leh sa7en please?
[12:29] MMMMMMMMM: inteh shou ghadekeh?
[12:29] C0C0: sa7en salata khodra maslou2a w nayyen w sandwish labneh w za3tar taba3 el terwi2a
[12:29] MMMMMMMMM: ma byeshkeh min shi
[12:30] C0C0: no ca va.
[12:30] C0C0: balkeh ba3mil bazella w rezz bass oussal 3al bayt
[12:33] MMMMMMMMM: leish la2, bi 7ebba karroum?
[12:33] C0C0: eh akidement
[12:33] C0C0: unless it doesn't turn out right hahahahahah

So I went on Google to find a recipe and make sure my meal turns out yummy the way Karam and I love it. And guess what!
Better yet, try it for yourselves: Go to Google, type "bazella w rezz" in the search field, and check the first two results :))))

The only thing I'm missing is the spices that I should add. Going simply with salt and pepper.