Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Old 2006, Happy New 2007

Another year is ending. It feels like only yesterday we were saying Happy New 2006, doesn't it? Nevertheless, it went well for me all in all, neshkour Allah.

  • January: Last few weeks at a one-year contract job for MSN Canada. It was a great experience and it felt good to quit for another job at another good company.
  • February: Started my new full time job at Dell Canada. The 10-minute driving in traffic to work was a welcomed change after the year of 2-hr daily commute to downtown. A weekend with family in Ottawa.
  • March: Prepared for a trip to the Middle East, enjoyed the new job, new colleagues and friends. Started blogging, thanks to AM :) - March 29: 19 years in Canada!
  • April: Gone to Dubai for the first time, where I met my friend AM face to face for the first time after years of a virtual friendship. Also met an old friend from back home, whom I haven't seen in 10 years. The heat and the beach in April were a great treat. Finally made it back to Lebanon after 10 years of absence. It felt good to be back Home with my dear khalo, my now grown-up cousins, and all my good old friends.
  • May: More good and precious times in Lebanon with people dear to my heart. I even made it back to Jezzine after 23 years! :) I aslo met Mr Munir Khauli who is super nice. More good times in Dubai, gone on a Safari Experience, visited Burj El Arab thanks to AM, a trip to Abu Dhabi, more beach and heat...
  • June: Candles on my birthday cake (doesn't happen every year that I have a cake and candles for my Bday), got a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses (kamen something not too common) from my dear friend Hashem. A weekend in Montréal with friends for more birthday celebrations for both me and mom.
  • July: Canada Day celebrations in downtown Toronto with a friend visiting from the US. Another weekend in Montreal, this time my brother was there too.
    The war in Lebanon was the most depressing and hurtful part of the year; inshalla we'll see better days in 2007 for my beloved and only country.
  • August: Made it finally to Québec City (an 8-hr drive from here) to spend some time with a dear friend, then to Montréal for more good times with mom & dad, and friends I haven't seen in years. Ottawa Lebanese festival where I had the pleasure to meet Jooj.
  • September: Mom & dad in Toronto for a couple of weeks. Cousins visiting from Denmark. Participated in the Walk for the Heart of the Heart & Stroke Foundation
  • October: Participated in the Run for the Cure for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Finally started the long journey to a great smile, finally the braces are on :)
  • November: Extracted 3 teeth in one session (a nightmare, but it passed). Shed the weight I had gained on vacation and during the summer. Niagara Falls weekend for a friend's 50th Birthday. A dear friend visiting from Belgium.
  • December: Mild weather, no snow (YOUPI!). Still loosing weight (orthodontics is the best diet apparently lol). My brother in town for 24 hours (best Christmas gift) and news that he's getting married next October, iza Alla rad.

My years haven't been that exciting in a very long time. I even ventured into activities that I haven't ever thought of before. There's more but at 37 I'm starting to forget a lot, and frankly I think I bored you enough - if you actually read that far, 7aram ento lol. Thank you for reading ;)

Seriously though, thank God for Lebanon, for family here and back Home, for friends far and near, for good jobs, for success, for good health and for happiness. Thank God for all His Unconditional Love and His Generous Giving, which made my 2006 a happy year. Last but not least, thank God for Fayrouz - and for her genius son 7abib albeh, who was born on the first day of the year.

Happy New Year 2007! Ready for another good one. Yalla, let's go!