Friday, May 12, 2006

Dubai, Friday Clear 37°C

Clear 37°C + , this is Dubai! Always clear, always warm, something I was expecting to experience!

What I wasn't expecting is the cleanliness, the safety, the respect, the hospitality, the humongous buildings, the gorgeous structures, the luxury everywhere I look... Is this place for real? Is this really part of the Middle East?

I went on a Desert safari yesterday and experienced sand dunes, camel rides, henna, shisha and excellent food. I went to Burj Al Arab today and experienced a fairy tale, even in the cheapest smallest most mediocre room in the hotel (it goes for 2000 DHS / night). I went to shopping mall after shopping mall and experienced all kind of people and stores, there's even luxury in malls if you can believe it. I bought a gold ring and at the cash register instead of adding taxes, the salesperson reduced the price. I went to bars and got drunk, yes in Dubai, in the Middle East where the half naked high-heeled european woman walks hand by hand with the local clothed in black from head to toe.

Taxis are safe, buses are safe and their front seats are reserved to women, the roads are silky smooth except for the sand dunes LOL (this one deserves a posting on its own when I get back to Canada).

And now it's time for a beer before heading home ;) tfaddalo