Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sunshine, sand and salty waters

Hello Hellooooo

Ok so I didn't make it to Lebanon yet. Anne Marie sorry for not featuring British Airways w I'll think about Al Arabia Airlines for another posting, yemkin, ma bou3dik OK? hahahahahaha

I'm safe and cold in Dubai... sorry sorry, I am cold now here because I've been in AC for longer than my body can take it bass I'm red as a tomato from the day at the beach. SAND... SEA WATER... PALM TREES... WAVES ya jame3a WAVES!!! Ask Anne Marie, I was like a kid who has finally got his reward.. NINETEEN years I've been waiting to dive again in salty waters, taste it on my skin and lick it on my lips (bala za3raneh wlo)

Dubai is beautiful, I'm making memories here, good and not so good bass it's all fun. Anne Marie is bringing me back to life with our evening outings.

Yalla the clock is ticking and my head is about to explode, I need warmth and sunshine..

Happy Easter