Wednesday, March 22, 2006


OK so I went to the eye doctor (ophthalmologist if you may) yesterday to check my eyes - now that I have coverage and my eyes hurt like crazy. I told him about the burning, the tearing, the eye sockets that hurt and all he needed to know.

After all the readings and checking my eyes with these cool machines, he turns the lights on and starts to talk. He says: "At 40 or as we approach to 40, our vision becomes..." WHAT? (The effect here would be the one of stopping the LP or noisy car breaks) What does this have to do with me, buddy? Of course this conversation was in my Gemini head, and I started counting again… Ok, born in 1969, I was 10 in 1979, almost 18 when we left Lebanon in 1987, been in Canada for 19 years.. HOLY SMOKE it's true! I AM approaching FORTY! and the eye doctor is good in math. OK I better pay attention now to what he's telling me... so I did...

It turns out that my eyes are irritated from looking at this screen all day long => nothing to do with approaching 40.
My eye lids get swollen from the dryness in the air, the wind and all the crap in the environment => nothing to do with approaching 40.
The tears are caused by the eyes that need to compensate from the lack of blinking, which we tend to do when we are fixated at this computer screen => again, nothing to do with approaching 40.

My vision and prescription haven't changed since 1999, 2 visits ago (de22o 3al khashab). So the bottom line is:
My eyes are still as young as my spirit and nosing gonna change zat, wala Dr Wilson wala anyone else...

... and I got me new sexy frames. Can't wait to get them from the store in a few days.