Wednesday, March 22, 2006


A while ago, a friend introduced me to A neat site that offers video clips, audio clips and more for hundreds of artist and wannabes. And this past weekend we stumbled upon Dana!! I don't think she's new, you might already know her.

Good looking no doubt, nice legs of course, long blond hair and why not?!, attractive face she's still a kid I think. Now listen to the meaningful lyrics of her songs, written by Dana herself je vous en prie, and don't miss out on the videoclips!

If you don't have an account yet with MelodyHits, get one, it's free. You will find her name listed on the first page, or if you get to a page with the alphabets menu, click on D, look for Dana and watch, you won't be sorry (maybe LOL)

Words can't express the feelings I had after this experience, really. Enno I thought Hayfa was trashy and couldn't sing.. I am sorry, Hayfa, really sorry 3an jadd!

Ok now for a change of "scenery" and for some real music and talent, look for Natalia (she's Greek) and view her video clip called Ola T'alla.

Al shou? Al "Ana Dana... Ana Dandan" al! Eh tsharrafna...