Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bilan 2008

  • New Year’s in Montreal, with parents and family, covered with lots of snow.
  • Back to Toronto by Via train, I love the train ride, especially in the snow season!
  • Packed and shipped 19 boxes, or 2.2 cubic meters of the stuff I didn’t want to leave behind
  • Removed the braces on February 14
  • Left work at Dell in mid February. This was very hard…
  • Sold my furniture on Kijiji and through a house sale
  • Sold my car and what a pain it was to get rid of my Canadian freedom!
  • Almost got a nervous breakdown from all the stress of moving and leaving
  • Tante Mado had a family goodbye gathering at her house for me
  • Slept in my empty apartment for the last few days before I left it for good
  • Left Canada on February 28 to Beirut. One way, via Frankfurt on Lufthanza with 4 suitcases of 32 kilos each, along with a wedding dress and a handbag of 10 kilos
  • Landed in Beirut on February 29 in the afternoon, to be greeted by Karam, Khalo Georges, and Karam’s cousin Fadi. Karam’s mom was also there, waiting in the car outside.
  • Spent a month and a half trying to set up the old apartment in preparation for the family’s arrival for the wedding, looking for wedding related stuff, putting up with bullshit from future-mother-in-law and uncle’s wife
  • Big thanks especially to Gisèle, Simo and Thérèse, for their presence and their help. It kept me sane and composed...
  • Jano Habbouche, our next door neighbor, passed away 17 days before the wedding
  • Parents, brother, uncles, aunts, and cousins arrived for the wedding and vacation, one after the other.
  • Abdallah Tohme, my dearest non-family uncle, passed away 10 days before the wedding
  • Almost had another breakdown and almost broke off the wedding, if it wasn’t for the family support around me.
  • Had to change my Maid of Honor, who is Ammo Abdallah’s niece. So in 10 days my cousin Hyame had to have a Maid of Honor dress made and stand by me, as she always do
  • Had to change the bride's house, and get the party going at Tante Mado's house instead of the family house
  • Had the wedding, mine and Karam’s, on Saturday May 3rd
  • Huge thanks for Khalo Maroun's support, for his help and for running around with me to finalize the last details of the wedding.
  • Huge thanks to all my family who are always supportive and ready to do the impossible to get things done the right way
  • Claude Farah, Père Jean Farah’s mother, passed away in May
  • Nada Khoury’s father passed away in May
  • Bought a car in late May; a nice Kia Rio sedan.
  • Georgette Achkouty, my original Maid of Honor’s mother, passed away on June 12
  • Started a job on June 26, at Al Waseet, in the online business
  • Karam and I established residency in Zouk instead of Harissa, in the same house where I grew up
  • Got pregnant at the beginning of July. We confirmed it for the first time on July 19.
  • Luke Nabil Antoine Bakhache was born on October 17, and I became “3amto Coco”!
  • Bought furniture and made curtains for the house, so it started to feel like home
  • Learned that the baby I am carrying is a girl, on November 10. Waiting for Anastasia in late March inshalla
  • 3 more people in the neighborhood passed away in November and early December...

  • The real highlights of the year are:
    1. seeing my daughter move and grow at every doctor's appointment, and feeling her movements in me,
    2. marrying Karam, the best husband I could have ever asked for,
    3. being back in my beloved homeland, Lebanon.

    And as an added bonus, I got to live again in the house I grew up in.