Monday, September 15, 2008

What color is it gonna be?

Two visits to the doctor's office now, the first one was to confirm that YES, there is something and here it is as big as a snow flake, white and attached at the side of a black hole, and vibrating. It’s been alive for approximately 4 weeks.

A month later, second visit to the doctor, the thing grew even more and is confirmed to be alive for 10 weeks now. And then there was a heartbeat; it is in my body but this time it is not mine. WOW, the thing is not only alive now but also has a heart of its own beating like crazy.

Of course I also have a lot of the known symptoms that tell me and remind me of the changes happening and that I’m not alone in this body anymore!

What an amazing feeling to know that there’s something alive and growing in my insides.
My whole life suddenly evolves around that, my diet, my health, my activities, etc. it is all in the first place for this new life’s benefit, way before it even pops out and shouts its first cry into this world.

"صبي ولّا بنت، شو أولك يا ربّي؟ حلوي كتير البنت والأحلى الصبي"