Friday, September 26, 2008

Familiarity is good

The best feeling in the world is when I see and hear things that look and sound friendly, like

  • the mountains of Lebanon peeking at me from behind the buildings on my way out of the office building
  • driving by the sea side and seeing the excitement or calm of its water
  • Our Lady of Lebanon looking at me from the mountain top when I’m driving home from work
  • LebSunset
  • Jesus the King greeting me with open arms either before I take the tunnel to work, or on my way back home after a hectic day and traffic jam
  • majestic mountains and valleys that go along the way when we drive anywhere beyond the seashore
  • old Lebanese stone houses, with or without red rooftops, deserted or still well maintained
  • older city buildings with old wooden window shades and large windows and balconies
  • church bells at sunrise, noon, sunset, and on Sundays
  • the full moon over the mountains. It is surely closer and brighter here, no exaggeration
  • the little lights in the dark sea at night, fishermen at work
  • Sunrise over the mountains and sunset in the sea...

All these scenery remind me why I am attached that much to my country and why I decided to came back without even thinking of a plan B.

Thank Heavens for Lebanon, for being Lebanese, and for returning back Home! :) (do I sound like a broken record yet? ;) )