Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mirror of my past

Our neighbor Rita used to paint and do all sort of art work. One day, seeing the mirror she painted in her bedroom I asked her to paint mine. So she came and painted it while I pretended to study so Mom won’t shout at me.

On Friday March 27, 1987, before we left to take the boat out of Lebanon, I took a lipstick and added my personal touch to the mirror, leaving my trace.

mirror of my past
21 years later, the mirror is still here waiting for me, just the way I left it!
"Good bye", a big smiley face (since I belong to Zouk Mikael), my signature “Clothilde Bakhache” with the date “27-3-87” and a few hearts. Some of these hearts had initials of people I ached the most for leaving. One of these intials is still clear, the one of the one who meant the most to my heart and who still does :)