Tuesday, December 11, 2007

dead and deadline

I started to write thoughts in a document a week ago and none of them made enough sense to be transferred here. However I feel like I need to write something ma ba3rif leych. So here I am, as I always do, after writing on the "brouillon" so carefully, I end up "copying" on "propre" something totally different.

Life here is very interesting these days. Everything has a deadline now.
I work with a deadline, pack my personal belonging with a deadline, go shopping with a deadline... A deadline to sell my stuff, a deadline to book my flight, a deadline to ship my cargo...

So far, I packed 2 suitcases of cloths and 9 storage bins of the personal stuff that I cannot leave behind. There's about 5 more suitcases to pack and another 9 bins maybe. I made a list of the things that need to be sold before the deadline. So things are rolling.

I still need to buy my one-way ticket home, and get a shipping quote and make all the necessary arrangements and paperwork related to that. Not to forget all the official stuff that needs taking care of like medical care, driver's licensing, tax returns... And finishing off bills, cancelling accounts and memberships, closing bank accounts, address change....

So far I've been very cheerful and happy about all this, because I'm looking forward to my new life and to being with Karam for the rest of my life, but goddamit I am getting tired, sleepless, with no time to exercise and eat right. Literally freaking dead.

Forty Six more days of work. Eighty One more days in Canada. And then I can enjoy thinking and preparing for my wedding and my life with Karam.

For now, sweet dreams Canada, good night North America, good morning Middle East, Have a wonderful day Lebanon!

p.s. [Dec 12/07] I didn't mean to jinx Lebanon. I was really wishing my country and countrymen a wonderful day and hoping for one :(