Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bonjour Toronto!

After the longest day of work this quarter, a day that started at 9:00 am on Monday morning, and ended at 5:00 am Tuesday morning, and after a successful launch of new products, I drove back home as the light was coming back to town for a new day.
It's a beautiful warm summer day. A perfect summer morning actually.
After a small kazdoura in the car and a stop by McDo for an Egg & Saussage McMuffin, I came home to my computer to check on my virtual real life, after 20 hours of separation.
Best sob7iyyeh with MMMMMMMMM in one window, Delirious in another and my friend Christiane on the third. WinAmp is playing the best of Fayrouz from Radio Moyen Orient Montreal.
Wa izz MMMMMMMMM says: "u should take a pic of the sun coming up and toronto asleep"
And C0C0 says: "fekra"
if you click, the images open in a separate window, much larger :)

Taken around 5:30 am on Tuesday June 26/06