Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fairuz - Petra & Kuwait 1966 Concert with Nasri

After hearing and reading about the murder of the kidnapped kids in Lebanon, a clip from Petra came to my mind. In particular these couple of lines from the "Roma" song where Fayrouz says "Bi 7arb el kbar, shou zanb ettoufouli, bi 7arb el kbar shou zanb edda7kat el khajouli".

I started my quest on You Tube and found the song.
Lel assaf angryleb doesn't allow embedding, so this is the link to the clip:

I ended up spending the rest of the evening on You Tube
and came across a very old clip which I'm sharing with you tonight.

Dear Sayf el Ba7r,
With this clip I thought of your "مقاومة الإنحلال" idea,
so I guess I'm kinda joining the group; men ba3ed eznak :)