Wednesday, February 21, 2007

February 21st

10 years ago, Tony Berbari, one of my first virtual friends surprised me, all the way from Lebanon, with this beautiful yellow one-rose bouquet as a sign of our friendship. I still remember that day vividly; how depressed I was entering the house and how different I became after I knew that the lovely package was mine, all the way from Lebanon, from a thoughtful sweet friend I never met!

21/02/97 Tony Berbari Friendship Rose

Until today, for me February 21 is Friendship Day and a day to remember Tony Berbari and reflect on and be thankful for all the virtual friends that came into my life since 1997.

Tony and I lost touch a few years ago but he is still on my mind and in my thoughts. I imagine him now with a successful career, a lovely wife and at least 3 kids, and hopefully still in Lebanon.

To Tony, my sweet friend, kell 21 February w enta b kheyr.

Happy Friendship Day to you all out there! :)