Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This evening's outloud thoughts

As every evening, I wait for the 11:00pm news to know what's happening in Canada. Tonight, the Lebanese flag appears again in the background behind Lloyd with this piece of news:
So this man, Michael Ignatieff, firstly offends Muslims by saying that he wasn't loosing any sleep over what's happening in Lebanon. And indeed he didn't loose any sleep. But then, he goes on accusing Israel of war crimes for what happened in Qana. But this time, he looses more than sleep, he looses his job as he was forced to resign.

Before Mr Ignatieff, other members of parliament expressed their concern about the offence of Israel on Lebanon and its civilians. Some of these people found themselves having to step down or resign as well. All had to fix their mistake by correcting their statements by something less hurtful to the State of Israel. Sob7an Allah, no pressure what so ever.

One of the people who was offended by Ignatieff's statement, the chief executive of the Canada-Israel Committee, Mr Shimon Fogel (or Sem3en Fejel bel 3arabeh), wants Ignatieff to declare "in both official languages that Israel is not guilty of war crimes".

I particularly love the fair play and the equal interest and respect to all individuals and groups equally (eh I know I said it already, ma2soudeh) as it is stated in the constitution and taught to kids in school. No discrimination, no racism, no this and no that, and most certainly, no one dares say anything bad about these people even if what's said is absolutely true.

On the other hand, the daily crimes on the streets, the guns that find themselves in the hands of youngsters and gangsters day after day are not accountable for. No one feels that they need to resign or retire early for not bringing safety to the streets and the citizens. No one aslan cares for the safety of people and you know how they justify it? Statistics. Yes, it is unlikely to have someone killed on a busy street in Toronto on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas 2005) than hit by lightening, and the percentage of a stray bullet hitting an innocent kid on a bus is very minimal compared to cars skidding off the road in winter. And although there has been many school shootings, there are still much more safe schools around the world of freedom.

Weynak ya Ziad? This country needs you too. How can you please translate "Oum fout nam w seer 7lam, enno baladna a7la balad"? Baddkoun t'oulo here too people 3eyshin bel a7lem, bass gheyr no3 a7lem ;)

Tayib, 3awefeh....