Thursday, August 10, 2006


AUB Medical Center and all Hospitals in Lebanon need help

The fuel in Lebanon is running out and American University of Beirut Medical Center has only enough reserves to last a week. Seeing that electricity is barely available, soon the elderly, new-born, injured and sick - including the St Judes Cancer Children Center - will be in total darkness because of the Israeli blockade on Lebanon. No electricity means no more life support, no more medical machines, no more ER, no more hospital communication and no more health system in Lebanon's biggest hospital.

It is everyone's duty to help. By simply clicking on the link below, and posting a message on the ABC News blog site , ABC Television can feel that the story has enough interest in order to do a news report on it. This news report would in turn be seen by millions around the world which would hopefully allow for fuel to be brought into Lebanon solely for the hospitals. The more "clicks" and message postings the article gets on ABC's website, the more leverage and impact it gives to get the story on TV

You can also help by passing this message to all your contacts so that the word can be spread across the globe and reach the largest number of people.