Saturday, March 04, 2006

Title? We'll see what comes to mind in this blog!

Hello and welcome! (how's that for a title?)

Just like everything on the Web, this blog thing picked my interest finally, and now, instead of finishing the house cleaning, I'm here setting up my blog and writing something.. I hope sett AM is happy LOL

Frankly, the only thought on my mind at this time - as it has been for the past couple of months - is my trip to Dubai in 5 weeks. As I was cleaning my room earlier this afernoon, I actually started putting some stuff away. I created a "packing drawer" where I'm dumping things I need to take with me. Packing clothes is not a big deal and I can actually pack from now. Since it's still freezing cold here and it's 28C in UAE, it's not hard to pack my summer cloths since I'm not going to use them in Canada before the middle of June. Other than my jeans and underwear, I can basically have everything ready in suitcases lol

Why is it a big deal that I'm going away you ask? Ok I tell you :)
Well... Because I love flying and I love traveling bass I don't get to do that a lot.
- Last time I took the plane was to visit my brother in Halifax in August 2005. Bass enno I was still in Canada. Let me tell you Halifax is way cool, if it wasn't for all that snow in winter!!
- The time before that was September 2004 when I flew to New York City for a weekend at Bobby's, for a LebWorld awsome party and exhibition.
- Before that, I went to France to spend time with my friend Joe and to see Fayrouz in concert for the first time in my life. This was in June 2002. Time with Joe was weird and it was the last time we met. The Fayrouz concert was awsome! I'll tell you about it in another post.
- Last time I was in the Middle East was summer of 1996. It was the last time I went back home to Lebanon. I was supposed to go for only 6 weeks, but at the end of the second week I extended my stay until the last day the ticket allowed me to stay, 2 months and 3 weeks I think.. I know I spent the whole summer there and it wasn't enough hehehehe

So yes, the United Arabic Emirates is my next destination and my friend Anne Marie who never met me in person yet offered to host me. That tells you a lot about the kind of person she is! I hope she won't change her mind once I'm there LOL JUST KIDDING ya benet!! :P

Shou kamen? I think I need to finish cleaning and fixing the bedroom at least so I can find my bed tonight.

Title: Taking the plane again!